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I've often been told, "I want to surrender, but I don't know how."  Well, neither did I. However, once I got intentional about my walk, my life has not been the same.


Surrender for Sanity and embark on a spiritual awakening journey that'll change your life forever! You don't have to walk through life confused, and overwhelmed, about what to prioritize in this lifetime.  Follow the one who created you by surrendering to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Your surrender will allow you the peace and sanity you deserve. 

So, if you're ready for real progression in your life, this is the course/ application/reference guide for you. 


1. Develop, or deepen, your relationship with Christ 

2. Lean into your faith and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into a life filled with meaning and purpose.

3. Heal your heart to release thepower within.

Surrender For Sanity Course

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