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No one likes the discomfort of being stretched, but I take great delight in the way you’re investing in yourself!


My Vision is to see you maximizing your season of singleness attracting the healthy relationships, and living the purposeful life, you desire by stepping into all God is calling you to be, and do, as you walk boldly in purpose serving God and others.

​Imagine What it Would Be Like To Regain Control of Your Life As You:

  • Become the person you want to attract. 

  • Put yourself in the position to experience inner joy and peace

  • You're no longer settling for less because you know your worth 

  • You know the difference between 'being' and 'doing.' 

  • You have dignity for yourself as you're no longer giving off the aura of neediness.

  • You're not acting out of fear allowing your insecurities to control you.

  • Experience better overall health eliminating the stressors that come with being of the world and not of God.

  • Live a more fulfilling, and purposeful, life focusing on what's important serving God and others.

  • No more chasing hobby careers and wasting time on things that aren't part of God's plan.

  • Eliminate distractions while you develop your mission and vision, before marriage, knowing who you are created to be before knowing who you want to be with.








  • Where You Succeed, Not Just Survive!
    1,297 US dollars

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It's time to become more intentional about your walk as you learn to lean into your faith maximizing the life God has pre-destined for you.

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