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Well, I know you're tired of the pain, drama, and stigma that comes with going from relationship to relationship, living paycheck to paycheck, or just existing and not really living. I know you're struggling because I've been there too.


This is the Problem...


Instead of seeking purpose, you're looking for someone, or something, to fill your cup by seeking love, and validation, through romantic relationships and material things.

The Symptoms....


When things don't unfold as planned, the overwhelming desire for immediate gratification takes over.  This causes us to reach for vices, that create unhealthy patterns, to make us feel better.

The Outcome....


Because the things of the world are fleeting, the feeling of emptiness, and cycle of pain, is on repeat. And, eventually you feel completely broken.

Let's Stop This Redundant Cycle of Heartbreak, Drama, and living in lack!!! 

Before you move forward entertaining another relationship, or turn to a vice, that could take you to a place of no return you must:  
Surrender For Sanity


Surrender for Sanity was created with the intent of you being ready to completely surrender your life to Christ. And to help you walk into an intimate, and obedient, relationship with Him. This is designed to help you lean into your faith and do your work. It's structured to help you clean-house and rebuild on a sturdy foundation you can rely on through any kind of storm. This is not about religion or rituals. It teaches you to be intentional about your walk along with preparing you for what God says could be next in your life.


Surrender for Sanity


Biblical Studies

S | Sacrifice

Positioning yourself to grow your relationship with Christ helps you rebuild your foundation on “The Truth, The Way, and The Life.” As you learn to let go of the control and prioritize God, the Holy Spirit will empower you to operate in the plan that’s already predestined for your life.


I | Irrigate

Properly irrigating your wounds allows you to redirect to your new default instead of turning to your old vices when triggered experiencing real growth and transformation that leads to progression.   

Holding Hands

A | Aknowledge

Being honest with yourself is the first step towards real change that leads to growth and progression. As you move forward, you’ll begin to recognize your own self-sabotaging behavior(s). Therefore, you can hold yourself accountable and put an end to the desperate actions that are causing the redundant cycles of unhealthy patterns and bad habits.

Image by Brett Jordan

T | Transform

Turn your pain into purpose by helping others defeat their giants as you create your own mission & vision for ministry.

Image by Thought Catalog

N | Navigate

It’s necessary to peel back the layers to get to the seed(s) of the self-engrained thoughts you’ve been meditating on causing you to exhibit symptoms of self-destructive behavior. As you begin to dig up the root you will learn how to let go of the toxicity, and unproductive thinking, that’s kept you stuck.

Image by Jamie Templeton

Y | Yield

Having the courage to change course requires you embracing the idea of getting comfortable being uncomfortable. This is where you will set short- and long-term goals based on God’s revelation for the next phase of your life.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~Anais Nin

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